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CWD Srl, one step beyond!

Established in 2005, CWD is fast becoming a leading contender in supplying the hospitality sector with professional consultancy solutions. We provide innovative products and services for all your needs.
Why CWD Srl?
CWD brings together skilled and dedicated professionals who have over 10 years of experience in both the tourism and IT sectors. We have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties that can arise in the business and are therefore able to provide our clients with support that is both well informed and appropriate.
Online Bookings offers 11 destinations, 400 hotels, 20,000 annual reservations, integration to the main connectivity platforms, rate allocators and price comparators, as well as extensive marketing and SEO campaigns.

Eight mini sites centre around the main website, each of which deals with a specific destination, and we also provide several corresponding travel directories and city guides. Our monthly newsletter has more than 15,000 readers making it an excellent way to inform customers of special offers, promotions and general news.

Affiliation with HotelsChart means that you have the possibility to choose your commission rate, to open and close your availability, to up date your room rates, and to insert any special offers you may have. If you would like to view a copy of the contract and/or the property insertion form please feel free to contact us
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