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CWD Srl, one step beyond!

Established in 2005, CWD is fast becoming a leading contender in supplying the hospitality sector with professional consultancy solutions. We provide innovative products and services for all your needs.
Why CWD Srl?
CWD brings together skilled and dedicated professionals who have over 10 years of experience in both the tourism and IT sectors. We have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties that can arise in the business and are therefore able to provide our clients with support that is both well informed and appropriate.
BookOn™ Booking Engine
BookOn is an all-in-one piece of software for managing reservations generated through your website. As a high quality tool designed by specialists from the IT and tourism fields, BookOn provides you with full functionality at just a fraction of the cost of other leading providers.

BookOn can be integrated with any website and the integration set up fee is just 100 Euros, which also includes initial training, as well as continuous, all-year-round client support. More information can be found at our demo site: (currently available in Italian only).

Furthermore, BookOn is available either on a commission-based fee or at a fixed fee, and you can also customise your software requirements by opting for a lite version, if you do not need all the functionality that the full version of BookOn offers.

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